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2019 Videos & Interviews

2019 Interviews

Benjamin Trigano talks Mama Shelter & Art

Filmed October 17, 2019

Benjamin Trigano, Co-Founder of Mama Shelter, talks art, the Mama brand, and more. Interviewed by Andrew Benioff, Founder & Managing Partner of Llenrock Realty Partners, at the 2019 INDIE Congress in L.A. 

Chip Conley: The Making of the Modern Elder

Filmed October 17, 2019

Chip Conley, Founder of The Modern Elder Academy and iconic boutique hotelier, talks about his role at Airbnb, [email protected], and the multi-generational workforce. Interviewed by Erik Warner, Principal of Eagle Point Hotel Partners, at the 2019 INDIE Congress.

Jeph Loeb talks Creating for Marvel TV & Storytelling

Filmed October 17, 2019

Jeph Loeb, EVP - Head of Marvel Television, talks Marvel TV & Storytelling at the 2019 INDIE Congress in L.A. Interviewed by Andrew Benioff, Founder & Chairman of the Independent Lodging Congress.

Jon Goss of Neuehouse on Creating an Elevated Lifestyle Brand

Filmed October 17, 2019

Jon Goss, Chief Brand Office at Neuehouse, talks elevated lifestyle experiences, the brand, guest values, and thoughtful growth. Interviewed by Brigette Breitenbach, Principal of B&Co., at the 2019 Independent Lodging Congress in Downtown L.A.

INDIEtalk: Brooks Atwood, Rebel Thinking

Filmed October 17, 2019

Brooks Atwood, Design Director at OfficeUntitled, gives his INDIEtalk Rebel Thinking at the 2019 INDIE Congress at the Ace Hotel Theater on October 17.

What does 'Independence' mean to you?

Filmed October 17, 2019

Independent Lodging Congress community members talk about what independence means to them at the 2019 INDIE Congress in L.A.

INDIE Congress DTLA 2019 Sizzle

Filmed October 17, 2019

A recap of the 2019 INDIE Congress in Downtown L.A. Filmed October 17, 2019.

Bashar Wali: WTF 2.0 at INDIE Congress 2019

Filmed October 17, 2019

Bashar Wali, President & CEO of Provenance Hotels, give his INDIEtalk WTF 2.0 with travel hacks at INDIE Congress 2019 at the Ace Theatre on October 17.

Rehan Choudhry: What Hospitality Can Learn From Music Festivals

Filmed October 17, 2019

Rehan Choudhry, CEO & Founder of A Beautiful Perspective, gives his INDIEtalk: What Hospitality Can Learn From Music Festivals at the 2019 INDIE Congress at the Ace Hotel Theater in Downtown L.A. on October 17.

INDIE Cultivate 2019 Recap

Filmed July 9, 2019

Recap of the 1st Annual INDIE Cultivate: A Start-up Pitch Event hosted in NYC on July 9, 2019.

Annbeth Eschbach Talks Kindbody & Her Advice to Founders

Filmed July 9, 2019

Annbeth Eschbach, President of Kindbody and Founder of Exhale Enterprises, talks to ILC about the future of hospitality, her advice to founders and Kindbody

Neuehouse CEO on the Future of Hospitality

Filmed July 9, 2019

Josh Wyatt, CEO of Neuehouse, talks Neuehouse, hospitality, the future of travel and more at the Independent Lodging Congress' INDIE Cultivate.

2018 Interviews

2018 Interviews

Ace Hotel’s Brad Wilson on Kyoto, indie luxury hospitality

Filmed October 18, 2018

Brad Wilson, President of Ace Hotels, talks to Andrew Benioff, Founder + Chairman of the Independent Lodging Congress, on Ace Hotel Kyoto, luxury hospitality and why he loves the independent lodging congress.

Mark Harmon talks Auberge Resorts Collections and property identity

Filmed October 18, 2018

Mark Harmon, Founder of Auberge Resorts Collection, talks 20 year anniversary, the Auberge family and how each property maintains an individual identity.

Marquise Stillwell on Human Centered Hospitality

Filmed October 18, 2018

Marquise Stillwell, Principal of Openbox, talks human centered hospitality and the role design plays in representing community culture. Interviewed by Dan Ryan, CEO of Beachwood Custom, at the 2018 Independent Lodging Congress.

Exclusives from our first INDIE Confab in Washington D.C.

Filmed April 17, 2018

A chat with four industry disruptors: Jim Abdo of Abdo Development, Bradlee Bartram of Starr Restaurants, Martin Ditto of Ditto Residential, and Michael Lastoria of &pizza.

2017 Interviews

2017 Interviews

Marc Lotenberg, CEO of Surface Media

Lotenberg on the value of timelessness and craftsmanship, brands resurrecting themselves through reinvention, and how automation will impact the future of customization of products.

Ben Pundole, VP of Brand Experience at EDITION Hotels

Pundole talks about his passion project AHotelLife, the impermanence of the creative process in the changing industry and hotels adopting civic and social responsibility.

Tom Marchant, Co-Founder of Black Tomato

Marchant talks about the future of travel and the role technology plays in creating experiences like Blink and Get Lost.

David Bowd, CEO, Salt Hotels & Principal, West Elm Hotels

Bowd talks about the need for interesting hotels in secondary markets, fitting into the local neighborhood and what it means to ‘hire the attitude, train the skill.’

RECAP of the 2017 Independent Lodging Congress

Filmed October 4, 5 & 6, 2017


John Foley, Founder & CEO of Peloton

John Foley talks fitness, tech and how the decline in Religion aided to the rise of the fitness movement at the 2017 Independent Lodging Congress.

Dawn Goldworm, Co-founder & Scent Director of 12.29

Goldworm talks scent branding and the power of emotion connected to scent at the 2017 Independent Lodging Congress.

Marcus Samuelsson, Red Rooster Harlem

Marcus Samuelsson, Chef & Owner of Red Rooster Harlem, speaks on sustainability, food, and giving back at the 2017 Independent Lodging Congress.

2016 Interviews

2016 Interviews

Danny Meyer, CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group

Danny Meyer kicks off our 2016 INDIEtalk series with his talk on The Convergence of Casual and Fine.

Dror Benshetrit, Principal & Owner of Studio Dror

Dror Benshetrit is a designer, thinker, dreamer, and futurist renowned for his unconventional work. Here, Benshetrit gives his INDIEtalk on “How to Dror: Inspiring Change” at the 2016 Independent Lodging Congress.

Anand Sanwal, CEO & Co-founder of CB Insights

Sanwal gives his take on how tech is disrupting travel at the 2016 Independent Lodging Congress.

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