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Angela Owen

Suite Sleep
Angela Owen has been passionate about environmental issues and natural living for over 30 years. An early adopter by nature, she was eager to make organic choices in food, shop at farmer’s markets, and recycle way before it became hip to do so. In the year 2000, Angela embarked on a transformative chapter in her life. Leaving the hustle of the big city behind, she relocated her family to the serene landscapes of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. This move marked the inception of the first natural living home furnishings store in Boulder, CO, as Angela endeavored to bring the finest products she discovered in California to the conscious consumers of Colorado. Her mission extended beyond commerce; she aimed to enlighten individuals about the manifold benefits of incorporating clean and sustainable products into their homes.

Driven by a flair for product design and marketing, Angela transitioned into the wholesale and manufacturing sphere of the bedding industry in 2003. Over the past two decades, she has been a pioneering force, shaping the landscape of organic bedding. Angela’s impact is palpable, with more than two dozen boutique hotels proudly featuring Suite Sleep’s luxury organic mattresses. In doing so, she is redefining sustainability standards within the hospitality sector.

Angela’s dedication to sustainable living goes beyond the mere adoption of eco-friendly practices; it encompasses a deep understanding of the crucial role that product longevity plays in sustainable solutions. Recognizing that the lifespan of a product significantly influences its environmental impact, Angela has been a vocal advocate for durability as a cornerstone of sustainability.

In an era marked by disposable consumerism, Angela’s emphasis on longevity serves as a beacon for those seeking sustainable alternatives. Whether through her natural living home furnishings store in Boulder or her pioneering role in the organic bedding niche, she consistently underscores the idea that investing in durable, timeless products is not just a wise choice for the individual but a crucial step towards building a more sustainable and resilient future for our planet.

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