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Peter Mack

Founder & CEO
Collective Retreats

Peter Mack is the Founder and CEO of Collective Retreats, the experiential luxury hotel brand connecting guests with places, communities, and themselves through its unique, asset-light and environmentally sound business model. The Collective Retreats experience celebrates the deeply ingrained human desire to connect with nature while offering curated luxury—a winning and unprecedented combination. Mack started Collective Retreats following his role as Vice President of Product Innovation at Tough Mudder, where he oversaw experience design and product for the renowned endurance event series held across the world. He is a graduate of Cornell’s Nolan School of Hotel Administration and pursued a career in hospitality at Starwood Hotels & Resorts where he spent 10 years in various operation roles. It was during this tenure that Mack conceived of a new luxury hotel model that seamlessly blended a location’s landscape with the guest experience and Collective Retreats was born. Each property within the portfolio is more than a transportive oasis, they bring heritage and local expertise to the forefront while vividly showcasing their natural environment. The brand currently operates in three locations across the country and aims to grow to more than 25 locations in the next five years, ushering in a new era of luxury travel that offers guests a restorative journey that is unscripted and exploratory.

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