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Shawn Chopra

Founder & Creative Director
good neighbor
Shawn Chopra and his wife, Anne Morgan, launched good neighbor, a coffee and home goods shop in 2020, with the vision to connect amazing local artists and makers in Baltimore on a daily basis with everyday neighbors frequenting their coffee shop. Every object, every sip, every bite exists to inspire and nurture curiosity about the wider world and its shared community. The shop seamlessly blends an all-day cafe with retail products as if you were visiting a neighbor’s particularly stylish yet welcoming home — allowing you to purchase everything you see and touch, from the plate under your toast, to the chair you sit on.


In 2023, they launched guesthouse by good neighbor – a 7-room boutique hotel on the two floors above their beloved coffee shop and retail space. Meant to recreate the feeling of stepping and staying in a loved one’s home, it doubles, like the shop, as an opportunity to showcase the work of both Baltimore makers and artists.


Owners Shawn Chopra and Anne Morgan met and fell in love in college where they bonded over their shared second-generation upbringing and a love of food. The menu and design at good neighbor is inspired by both of their cultural backgrounds. Shawn’s family hails from Chandigarh, one of the first planned cities in India after the partition, and a UNESCO World Heritage site designated for its worldwide impact on culture and modern design. Anne’s family immigrated from Egypt where neighbors are family and sharing a meal or cup of coffee is a daily ritual. Shawn & Anne started their careers in healthcare and found a passion for hospitality in their chosen home of Baltimore. As new parents and business owners, Shawn & Anne deeply believe in a healthy, meaningful, diverse workplace that creates a community and brings together neighbors.




July 16 - 17, 2024
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