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Rob Blood

Lark Hotels
Founder, Lark Hotels
Principal, Elder & Ash
Rob began his hospitality career, at the age of 26, as the innkeeper of an 8 room bed and breakfast on Nantucket Island in Massachusetts.  It was there that he first developed an affinity for creating experiences for guests, tight hospital corners and freshly baked scones.  It was also there that he learned that smaller, well located and carefully conceived hotels could be profitable.
In 2004, just a year later, he purchased his first lodging property in Kennebunkport, Maine.  Now after nearly 20 years, he is involved with the management and ownership of nearly 60  thoughtfully considered hotels and over a dozen restaurants throughout the United States.  Rob takes pride in having worked every position in his hotels from toilet scrubber to line cook to general manager and attributes the success of Lark, not only to his ability to learn on his feet, but mostly to his knack for bringing amazing people together.
As the founder of Lark, Rob is the steward of a portfolio of real estate valued at over $500MM with an annual revenue stream nearing $100MM.  His devotion to creating great experiences extends beyond the obvious experiences that guests have to Lark’s crew and the many investors that make our hotel development possible.
In addition to his role at Lark Hotels, Rob is a partner in the design studio, Elder & Ash and a principal at Lark’s affiliate capital management and development firm, Lark Capital.
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