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Martin Ditto

CEO | Ditto Residential

Martin Ditto is CEO of Ditto Residential, a leading-edge urban design and development company founded in 2008. Martin is passionate about conceptualizing and creating world-class residences. To achieve this goal, he has assembled a team of fellow visionaries and skilled professionals committed to continuously perfecting their vocations at Ditto Residential. As CEO, Martin sets the direction and vision at the company and oversees acquisition, design, and capitalization.

Martin believes that we can build livable spaces that are so powerful they can inspire and change the way people live their daily lives. A Ditto property offers unpretentious luxury and style with light-infused ambience that encourages appreciation for the beauty evident in the design. Ditto Residential creates evocative, open spaces characterized by purity of form and function, clear sight lines, and thoughtful finishes.

Under Martin’s leadership, Ditto Residential has built more than 60 projects, raising the design standard in the nation’s capital. Ditto is committed to advancing modern transformative design while preserving DC’s rich architectural heritage. The company routinely partners with avant-garde, award-winning architecture and design firms from around the country, and pursues development where the focus and value creation begin with elegant design solutions. Currently, the company’s portfolio has a value of $150 million, which includes 335,000 square feet and 240 units of both for-sale condo and rental apartment projects. The company’s largest project in development is a 90,000-square-foot condominium with 44 units called Watkins Alley, located in Hill East.

Prior to founding Ditto Residential, Martin honed his expertise in lead roles in development and construction at Bozzuto, Monument Realty, and ZOM, where he produced mixed-use residential and commercial projects. He earned a Bachelor’s in Economics from Vanderbilt University and a Master’s of Science in Real Estate from the Carey Business School at Johns Hopkins University. Martin is a member of American Institute of Architects.

Martin supports charitable causes that aim to generate sustainable long-term change in communities. He is also a major contributor and advisor to Primeros Pasos, a healthcare clinic in the Palajunoj Valley of Guatemala. Ditto Residential is a corporate sponsor of Washington Project for the Arts, whose mission to serve as a catalyst for contemporary arts aligns with the company’s design aesthetic.

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