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Erik Oberholtzer

Chef, Co-Founder + Executive Chairman | Tender Greens

Erik Oberholtzer is chef, co-founder & executive chairman of Tender Greens in Los Angeles, CA. Founded in  2006 with the mission of providing seasonal home cooking to as many people as possible through access, supply chain innovations and a chef’s perspective on the power of food to transform lives.  Tender Greens has grown to 29 restaurants in CA, NY and MA.

While growing the Tender Greens brand with his team Erik has stayed true to mission with leadership in food security, urban agriculture, and regenerative organic farming.  He sits on the boards of SEE-LA (sustainable economic engines of Los Angeles), LA Kitchen and The California Restaurant Association. He holds advisory roles with The Berkeley Institute, Farmshelf and Everytable.

In 2009 Erik founded The Sustainable Life Project, a program offering culinary job training for at risk foster youth in the US.  In 2017 he partnered with the Crop Trust on The Spice of Life Project, an effort to re introduce forgotten foods back into the food system.  He is working with farm partners outside of New York and Los Angeles to bring these lost ingredients back to the tables of Tender Greens.

Erik speaks internationally on the topics of food justice, social entrepreneurship, health and wellness, supply chain integrity and the role of chefs in solving the world’s many worries.  He spends his time living between New York City and Venice, California with his dog Bowie where he can be found meditating, exercising or enjoying a thoughtful meal with friends.

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