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Beri Meric

Co-Founder | IVY

Beri Meric is the Co-Founder of IVY, The Social University ( which unites rising leaders through a lifetime of learning, growth, and impact. IVY has 20,000 members and 200,000 followers who support its mission to unlock potential and spark a new renaissance promoting human unity, progress, and fulfillment.

Beri leads the IVY community, and he is personally responsible for the fulfillment of IVY’s members, as well as the performance of IVY’s full-time team of 100 dynamic leaders. Beri has dedicated his life to finding new ways of getting people to dream bigger and do more together. His life mission is to provide others with the ideas, experiences, and connections they need to make a lasting positive impact on the world. His inspiration behind IVY was strongly influenced by his experiences at Harvard Business School and Brown University. Leading universities have a proven track record of substantially accelerating social, professional, and intellectual development. Through IVY, Beri is determined to create a powerful global community that provides the same benefits throughout life.

Beri is based in NYC and frequently travels to all IVY cities to learn from IVY’s growing community. Originally from Turkey and Scotland, Beri grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. Prior to IVY, Beri worked at Morgan Stanley in M&A and Strategy. He studied Economics and International Relations at Brown University, and received his MBA from Harvard Business School. His favorite sports are skiing and rugby, and he has a weak spot for French bulldogs.

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