In episode 001 of INDIE Colorcast, we sit down with Jason Cutinella, Founder & CEO of NMG Network, to talk about storytelling through long-form content at the 2020 INDIE Confab: New Orleans.

"I knew that the action sports and surf world was hard to sell media. So, I was like what can you sell? Travel, Hospitality."

- -Jason Cutinella

In the early 2000s, Jason picked up & moved 5,000 miles from NYC to Honolulu, HI where, after realizing his love for media & entertainment, he started the NMG Network. We cover a wealth of topics - from finding the right advertisers, acknowledging that credibility doesn't happen over night, and keeping focused on creating a superior product. Thank you to our partner RADIOKISMET. Learn more about Jason here.

Jason Cutinella at INDIE Confab New Orleans on January 14