Tom Dibble

Tom Dibble

Founder & CEO
Screen Pilot

Screen Pilot

Tom Dibble is Founder and CEO of Screen Pilot, a global hospitality digital agency and consulting firm.

Tom Dibble is Founder and CEO of Screen Pilot, a global hospitality digital agency and consulting firm.

Tom has over two decades of experience in start-ups and digital marketing and operations stemming from when the internet was first born to the masses, to trailblazing mobile internet in Europe in the late '90s, through to the modern-day, highly complex socially and technically, internet age we live in and have been required to adapt to. Over-time, Tom has been invited to write for business publications on topics relating to the digital age and its evolution has been at the forefront of many phases of its evolution.

Tom founded and operates the highly talented and awarded Screen Pilot team that has been decorated with a multitude of Adrian Awards and also named Top-Rated Digital Marketing agencies for Hotels for multiple years in a row by Hotel Tech Report. Under Tom's charge, Screen Pilot has been in the business for over a decade delivering highly tangible performance-driven results by challenging the digital status quo of the travel and hospitality industry for some of the leading independent hospitality brands and management companies across the globe by tackling the complex challenge of direct distribution and shifting share.

Tom also takes a keen view and interest in understanding and challenging the industry's social responsibilities and it's practises that has an adverse impact on sustainability and ecological issues. As a social activist and investor, Tom is a firm believer that as the guardians of this world, we have a duty of care that is being eroded within our global industry and are having a very direct and harmful impact on our environment and communities around the globe, especially as it relates to pollution and the serious threat it poses the ecological balance of the oceans and the lives of those without voices.

Quick Facts

Something ILC attendees would never guess about you:
I'm a Scotsman with an Englishman's accent!

Favorite place to stay when traveling:
Somewhere different than where I've been before. There's a lot to see and not a lot of time.

MUST have travel item:
Headphones (and a backup pair just in case). I need to be able to zone in and out of the world when travelling as it's a precious time for the soul and mind. 

Biggest extravagance or vice:
It's not a current extravagance by any means, but if I had the means I'd fly private all the time so I could take my dogs travelling with me.

Most memorable ILC moment:
Any dine-around dinner. These are an awesome way to pierce the veil with some serious industry peeps.

Who in the industry inspires you:
Anyone who dares to challenge the status quo of how our industry operates day-to-day in order to improve the global effect we are having on our fragile planet, its resources and its inhabitants that don't have a voice, hence do not have a choice.

Who would play you in a movie:
Ricky Gervais. We align on many, many levels.

First job:
Telesales for a conference company. 

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