Kate Goodall

CEO, Halcyon

Kate Goodall is the driving strategic force behind Halcyon’s creative growth, leading a team of innovators focused on solving 21st century problems. Instrumental in the development of Halcyon’s well-established Halcyon Incubator for social enterprise, Goodall continues to grow Halcyon with a social-impact focused arts fellowship, Halcyon Arts Lab; creative performance series Halcyon Stage; and two conversation series, Halcyon Dialogue and Halcyon Fast Forward, bringing together key players in discussions geared to look to the future. Goodall’s dedicated passion for arts, sciences and social impact lends an objective and unstoppable drive for formulating and executing Halcyon’s mission of catalyzing emerging creatives across multiple platforms, ideas and artistic media, striving for a better world.

In 2016, Goodall helped Dr. Sachiko Kuno and Sheila C. Johnson establish WE Capital, a consortium of leading businesswomen in the Washington, D.C. region that invests in and supports women and women-led companies, inspiring the next generation of female entrepreneurs while providing opportunity for the investors to achieve their investment goals.

Prior to establishing Halcyon, Goodall served as COO of S&R Foundation, where she developed new programs as well as oversaw impactful and capacity-building partnerships. Goodall hails from the museum field and has worked previously at the Association of Science-Technology Centers, American Association of Museums and the Naval Historical Center, to name a few.

Goodall currently leads the DC Innovation and Technology Inclusion Council’s Economic Development and Entrepreneurship Subcommittee, and serves on the Board of Directors for the Georgetown Business Improvement District. She was a judge for WeWork’s inaugural Creator Awards, the Gifted Citizen prize at Ciudad de las Ideas, and MIT Technology Review’s Innovators Under 35 Europe and Latin America Awards. Goodall has also served on Independent Sector’s emerging leaders council, and is listed as one of the Washington Business Journal’s Power 100 (2016 and 2017) and 40 Under 40 (2017), one of Washingtonian’s 2017 Tech Titans, and Techweek 100 DC’s Talent Cultivators (2017).

Goodall earned her B.A. in world literature and M.A. in nautical archaeology. She enjoys sailing, snorkeling, hiking, marksmanship, good food and playing with her two sons.

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