Joe Pitts

Account & Project Manager, HalfGenius

With years of experience in marketing, creative and project management, Philadelphia-area native Joe Pitts is a brand and marketing strategist who is a problem solver at heart, adept at understanding a client’s story and finding the best path to share it with the world. Joe earned his BA in Philosophy and MA at Temple University with a focus in social and data sciences, a skill set he uses to inform decision-making in our quickly evolving digital and media landscapes. Joe has deep roots in Philadelphia’s art, fashion and music communities, using these relationships to not only stay current with the city’s creative trends but to continue growing a network of creative individuals passionate about Philly. Joe is an Account and Project Manager at the Philly-based boutique creative agency HalfGenius. 

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Copyright 2019 Independent Lodging Congress

Copyright 2019 Independent Lodging Congress