Jason Bass

Director of Culture, Hotel Revival

Jason is paving the way to develop a concept called impact hospitality, where social impact and giving back to the community is the epicenter of the hotel business plan. Jason partners each week with local brands, artists, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and other local changemakers to kick start their businesses. Jason Bass was formally the CEO of Kiss Tomorrow Hello. As soon as Covid came into existence, Jason immediately thought about how his hotel could help the service industry. "First it was through food: how can we get fresh produce and supplies to people who need it in our community? And to do it without some sort of ID or something to show you were in the service industry. It’s for everybody — you don’t have to prove anything to us, you being here is enough." Bass hopes to provide a new way of looking at Baltimore to a broader audience and to expose guests to a city that’s more than the lurid tales of drugs and violence that permeate headlines.


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Copyright 2019 Independent Lodging Congress

Copyright 2019 Independent Lodging Congress