Iye Yin Dae


Iye Yin Dae is a self-taught Multi-Disciplinary artist, born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. His early influences came from a strong sense his African/Carribean cultural identity, and his experiences as an African-American male from the inner city. Iye Yin Dae began sketching as a child, which later evolved into him painting on clothes, and eventually graduating to canvases and murals, making his mark as a Fine Artist.

Iye Yin Dae’s visual aesthetic is at the intersection of perspective,  juxtaposition, abstraction and intention. As a Multi-Disciplinary Visual Artist, his work expresses unique ideas through various mediums, achieving a sense of depth within each work of art. 

Muralist, fine artist, live artist, designer, director, musician, and producer, are a fewlenses through which Iye Yin Dae explores the intricacies of the Arts. He creates work that evokes dialogue amongst its viewers, serving as a visual experience.

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Copyright 2019 Independent Lodging Congress