IG LIVE & UNFILTERED: Post-Pandemic Response

Session #127

April 29, 2021                                                Consumer Shifts in a Post-Pandemic World
Watch: Joe Diaz, Co-Founder, AFAR Media 

Session #116

March 8, 2021                                            Independent Hotels' Competitive Advantage in the Recovery
Watch: Larry Spelts, President, The Indigo Road Hospitality Group

Session #99

December 9, 2020                                          Anchors Aweigh:  How Remote Work Will Increasingly Influence Hospitality 
Watch: Bruno Haid, Founder & CEO, Roam

Session #96

November 30, 2020                                    Surviving COVID:  Cocktails & Lobbying
Watch: Ivy Mix, Owner, Leyenda

Session #86

October 28, 2020                                                        A Conversation with Daniel Hostettler:  How is the Luxury Sector Evolving?
Watch: Daniel Hostettler, President & Group Managing Director, Ocean House Management Collection & President, North America, Relais & Châteaux

Session #71

September 21, 2020                                    Recovery & OTA Collaboration
Watch: Rachel Bird, VP, North America Market Management, Expedia Group

Session #69

September 16, 2020                                    Coaching for Safety
Watch: Dan Ryan, Co-Founder, Blue Canary Solutions

Session #65

July 24, 2020                                                            The Future of Design & Creativity
Watch:  Marc Lotenberg, CEO, W Magazine, Surface Magazine, Watch Journal

Session #64

July 22, 2020                                              Reopening Contactless
Watch: Nicholas Gandossi, General Manager, OPUS Hotel Vancouver

Session #59

July 10, 2020                                              Reopenings & Openings
Watch: Raul Leal, CEO, Virgin Hotels

Session #51

June 22, 2020                                                Property-Based Marketing:  Rebuilding & Coming Back Better
Watch: Andressa Chapman, Founder & President, Trigger Hotel Marketing

Session #43

June 5, 2020                                                    Nothing A Vaccine Won't Cure
Watch: Brad Wilson, President, Ace Hotel & Atelier Ace

Session #40

June 1, 2020                                                      College Towns & Universities As Magnets
Watch: David Rochefort, President, Graduate Hotels 

Session #38

May 27, 2020                                                        Locke Hotels:  How A Shift In Consumer Behavior Will Transform Travel      Watch: Eric Jafari, Creative Director & Co-Founder, Locke Hotels; Chief Development Officer, edyn

Session #30

May 14, 2020                                                    Innovate Or Disappear:  The Future Of Hospitality                                                  Watch the Panel

Panelists:                                                                           R.P. Eddy, CEO, Ergo                                                  Ryan Simonetti, CEO & Co-Founder, Convene                                                      Aliya Khan, VP, Design- Lifestyle Brands, Marriot International                                                    Matthew Goodrich, Founder & Principal, GOODRICH Design 

Moderator:                                                                      Scott Williams, President, The Nantucket Project

Session #22

May 1, 2020                                                      Wisdom For Our Time                                    Watch: Chip Conley, Founder, Modern Elder Academy

Session #20

April 29, 2020                                #HireHospitality & We Travel Forward        Watch:  Tim Chatfield, CEO & Co-Founder, Jitjatjo
Watch:  Amy Ogden, Hospitality & Travel Expert, We Travel Forward

Session #16

April 22, 2020                                                      Silver Linings                                                      Watch: Damon Lawrence, Founder, Homage Hospitality Group

Session #13

April 17, 2020                                                    Servant Hospitality                          Watch:  Walter Isenberg, Co-Founder, President, & CEO, Sage Hospitality Group & Daniel Del Olmo, President, Sage Hotel Management

Session #8

April 10, 2020
Industry Check-in & Strategy For Riding Out the Unknown                                        Watch:  Jason Pomeranc, Founder & Owner, SIXTY Hotels

Session #6

April 8, 2020                                                              HR, Staff, & The Core Soul of the Hotel            Watch: Harsha Chanrai, CEO, Saira Hospitality                                                               Watch:  Alex Mirza, Founder & CEO, Mogul

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