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Session #124

April 15, 2021                                                                                                          Staying True to Your Ethos
Watch: Ari Heckman, Founding Partner & CEO, ASH NYC

Session #122

April 5, 2021                                                                                                          Modern Innkeepers: People and Place in Hospitality
Watch: Audrey Laurent & Sergio Maclean, Principal Owner / Principal Owner, Mac&Lo

Session #117

March 11, 2021                                            Contribution Without Compromise
Watch: Bill Walshe, CEO, Viceroy Hotel Group

Session #115

March 4, 2021                                                            The Power of Curator:  How Indies are Working Together to Boost Profitability
Watch: Jen Barnwell, President, Curator Hotel & Resort Collection

Session #113

February 22, 2021                                                  True Brand Independence
Watch: Warren Nocon, Managing Director, Hotel Californian

Session #108

January 25, 2021                                              Thriving in Survival Mode
Watch: Jamila Ross, Co-Owner, The Copper Door B&B

Session #106

January 14, 2021                                                      Self-Sufficient Sanctuary                                      Watch:  Larry Korman, President, AKA Hotel Residences

Session #105

January 7, 2021                                          Placemaking & Opportunity Zones
Watch: Bo Kemp, Senior Director, Faegre Drinker Consulting

Session #101

December 14, 2020                                                The Advantages of Independence
Watch: Lindsey Ueberroth, CEO, Preferred Hotels & Resorts

Session #95

November 23, 2020                                        Lifestyle Hotels & Coworking
Watch: Yoav Gery, President, Selina

Session #89

November 6, 2020                                                      It's Worth The Journey
Watch: John Flannigan, Founder & CEO, Wylder Hotels

Session #83

October 19, 2020                                Conservative Optimisim:  An Asset Manager's Perspective
Watch: Matt Arrants, Executive Vice President, Pinnacle Advisory Group

Session #81

October 14, 2020                                          Investing In Hospitality Brands:  What Is Enlightened Hospitality Investments Betting On?  Diversity, Delivery, & Dedication
Watch: Mark Leavitt, Chief Investment Officer, Union Square Hospitality & Co-Founder & Co-Manging Partner, Enlightened Hospitality Investments

Session #80

October 12, 2020                                          Hospitality With Shipping Containers
Watch: Robin Staten, CEO, Tiny Urban Escapes

Session #76

October 2, 2020                                                    CEO of Steve Hermann Hotels
Watch: Steve Hermann, CEO, Steve Hermann Hotels

Session #75

September 30, 2020                                          Asset Managing During COVID
Watch: Spiro Frangos, VP, Asset Management, Diamond Rock Hospitality 

Session #73

September 25, 2020                                    Investing for the Long-Term
Watch: Ben Rowe, Managing Partner, KHP Capital Partners

Session #61

July 15, 2020                                                    Starting a Hotel Business:  Raising Capital, Raising Up a Community, & Raising the Bar
Watch: Marc Chodock, Managing Partner, Escape Hospitality

Session #54

June 29, 2020                                                          Old-School Hospitality in a New-School World
Watch: John Grossman, President, Grossman Hotel Properties

Session #37

May 21, 2020                                                          Hotel Market Forecasts: Data-Informed Decision Making
Watch: Robert Cole, Senior Research, Lodging & Leisure Travel, Phocuswright; Founder & CEO, RockCheetah

Session #35

May 22, 2020                                                              The Standard View
Watch: Amar Lalvani, CEO The Standard Hotels

Session #33

May 19, 2020                                                Hospitality Capital Markets
Watch: George Gottl, Chief Creative Officer, UXUS

Session #23

Session #21

April 30, 2020                                                        Legal Strategies
Watch: Ben Tschann, Partner, Goodwin Procter LLP

Session #18

April 27, 2020                                                      Managing For The Future 
Watch:  Christine Magrann, COO, Makeready

Session #17

April 23, 2020                                                  Managing A Global Portfolio
Watch: Alex Cabañas, CEO, Benchmarch Global

Session #14

April 20, 2020                                                    Where Do We Go From Here?
Watch:  Bashar Wali, President, Provenance Hotels

Session #11

April 15, 2020                                                Designing Not 1, but 2 Successful Brands
Watch:  Anwar Mekhayech, Founder Partner, Design Agency & Josh Wyatt, CEO, Neuehouse

Session #4

April 6, 2020                                                Hospitality Capital Markets
Watch: Jim Merkel, CEO, Rockbridge

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