Kraig Kalashian 

Founder & Managing Partner

Professional bios are usually pretty tedious. Does anyone even read them? Most of them highlight an entire career of achievements in one paragraph and use big words that sound impressive. But can anyone remember anything about you ten minutes after they’ve read your bio? Kraig Kalashian would say no. So rather than drag out an entire page about everything Kraig has done, here’s a few things you might find interesting so you have something to talk about if you get stuck in an elevator together.

Kraig learned to read at the age of two and spent nearly his entire childhood with his face buried in books. To this day, he still reads 2-3 books a week and is one of Amazon’s favorite people.

Kraig developed his love of Architecture from watching the Brady Bunch. His favorite part of the show was the house they lived in and Mike Brady’s Den where all the tough love was dished out. If Mike pulled one of the kids into the Den you knew some wisdom was about to be dropped.

Kraig is an accomplished musician and songwriter with more than 50 publishing credits. Although he writes mostly on guitar he does own an untuned piano that will one day produce audio gold. After Sept. 11, Kraig quit his day job to drive around in a Ford Econoline conversion van and play music with his band Gutterstar. If you can find one of their albums today it’s worth an absolute fortune.

Kraig’s other passions include Graphics and Type, Recipe Development, Affordable Housing Prototypes, Stained Glass Construction, Mid Century Modern Carpentry Techniques, and Board Games. He currently owns and operates four companies including Kraig Kalashian Architecture and Design (KKAD), Pocono Modern, Pren Kitchen, and Westmore Development.

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Copyright 2019 Independent Lodging Congress