Christine Magrann


Christine Magrann is a gardener.

A garden takes care, it takes hard work and respect, and even if you get it just right, a garden takes time. It is not something that happens overnight, because the secret of the successful garden is not just what you put on the surface, it’s the work you put into the soil. As far back as she can remember, Christine found strength and significant influence from the people in her life. From the important role her grandmother and great-grandmother played in her upbringing, to the mentorship and encouragement she received while at Hillstone and The Breakers, she learned to believe in her potential to be an influential leader herself.

But during this time she also gained a better understanding of people, or maybe the power of understanding what makes them tick, and putting that into practice in real ways.

“Through genuine hospitality and sincere service we have the opportunity to create special memories and hopefully change someone’s day—or if we get lucky maybe even change a life.”

There is no training manual for intuitive service, it has to be nurtured, it has to be practiced, it must be learned through experience.

“The only way we can ensure that our team members treat our guests in this way is if we’re willing to treat them with this same care, respect and thoughtfulness. To teach, not just train.”

Christine finds drive in this ability for great people to accomplish great success through sincerely taking care of the guests.

Snowcaps, trails or sandy beaches, in her free time you will likely find Christine outdoors forging a new path—New Yorker tucked under one arm, the other slung over the shoulder of one of her two sons. Or you might find her in her own garden, getting her hands dirty—seeing what treasures lay beneath the surface. And if you get to know Christine, you’re sure to notice—she’s optimistic about what she’s going to find.

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Copyright 2019 Independent Lodging Congress