Bashar Wali

Bashar Wali

Founder & CEO
This Assembly

Bashar Wali is a trailblazer of culture. He lives at the nexus of beauty, travel, design and divining the future. Consummate traveler and connoisseur of globetrotting experiences. To be human is to evolve and create. Founder & CEO of This Assembly. Always ready with the perfect word at the perfect time.


Quick Facts

Favorite place to stay when traveling:
I am a hotel junky. I never stay in the same hotel more than one night. My favorite place to stay is EVERYWHERE.

MUST have travel item:
Smith Tea – Green Jasmine Bin 96. I am ADDICTED.

Biggest extravagance or vice:
Watches, watches and more watches. Bankruptcy awaits.

Who would play you in a movie:
Tim Robbins although I have better hair.

First job:
I’m a hotel nerd. I have literally done it all. I started as a PBX Operator.

Currently reading:
Solve for Happy. It really is up to you.

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Copyright 2019 Independent Lodging Congress