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Digital Events meant to educate & highlight innovative business in the independent hospitality space while featuring visionaries in the industry. 

Digital Events meant to educate & highlight innovative business in the independent hospitality space featuring visionaries in the industry. 

The Independent Lodging Congress takes things online.

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April 19, 2021

2:00pm ET
Customer Expectations get 'Real' in a Transformed World of Travel

Featuring: Janvi Jhaveri, Founder, Jack Strategy

Hosted by: Nina Grondin, Partner & Founder, Curioso

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'Live & Unfiltered'



'Live & Unfiltered'


April 1

March 25

The Trends that are Informing Travel
Watch: Eran Chen, Founding Principal, ODA Architects

March 18

Staying True to Your Ethos
Watch: Brian DeLowe, Co-Founder & President, Proper Hospitaity 

March 11

Contribution Without Compromise
Watch: Bill Walshe, CEO, Viceroy Hotel Group

March 8

Independent Hotels' Competitive Advantage in the Recovery
Watch: Larry Spelts, President, The Indigo Road Hospitality Group

March 4

The Power of Curator:  How Indies are Working Together to Boost Profitability
Watch: Jen Barnwell, President, Curator Hotel & Resort Collection

February 25

Are You Ready For the Roaring 20's?
Watch: Dave Neupert, Owner, Gold Diggers

February 11

The Rise of Outdoor Hospitality
Watch: Ryan Miller, Co-Founder, AutoCamp

February 8

Explaining the Push for Lifestyle Brands
Watch: Cameron Sperance, Hospitality Reporter, Skift

February 4

January 28

January 25

January 21

Enhancing the Guest Experience Through Like-Minded Partnerships
Watch: Sumindi Peiris, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Time Out Group

January 14

Self-Sufficient Sanctuary                                        Watch:  Larry Korman, President, AKA Hotel Residences

January 7

December 21

Culture Trumps Strategy; Even in a Pandemic
Watch: Tom Luersen, President, Coral Tree Hospitality

December 18

December 16

Changing the Game:  The Value of Cultural Relevancy
Watch: Kellie Pean, Co-Founder & CEO, Brand New, A Collective

December 14

December 9

Anchors Aweigh:  How Remote Work Will Increasingly Influence Hospitality 
Watch: Bruno Haid, Founder & CEO, Roam

December 7

December 2

November 30

Surviving COVID:  Cocktails & Lobbying
Watch: Ivy Mix, Owner, Leyenda

November 23

Lifestyle Hotels & Coworking
Watch: Yoav Gery, President, Selina

November 20

The Experience Factor:  Innovating Connection in a Virtual World 
Watch: Maryam Ahmed, Owner & Hospitality Consultant, Maryam + Company

November 18

Creating Immersive Digital Destinations
Watch: Evan Rose, Founder & President, Rose Digital 

November 16

Finding Opportunity in Adversity 
Watch: Matt Marquis, CEO, Pacifica Hotels 

November 13

November 9

Place-making in Secondary & Tertiary Urban Environments 
Watch: Jay Patel, President, Wintergreen Hospitality

November 6

November 2

Hotel Operations:  Doing More With Less
Watch:  Katherine Grass, CEO, Optii

October 30

October 21

October 19

Conservative Optimisim:  An Asset Manager's Perspective
Watch: Matt Arrants, Executive Vice President, Pinnacle Advisory Group

October 16

The Future of Cities & Hospitality 
Watch: Craig Greenberg, Former CEO, 21C Museum Hotels

October 14

Investing In Hospitality Brands:  What Is Enlightened Hospitality Investments Betting On?  Diversity, Delivery, & Dedication
Watch: Mark Leavitt, Chief Investment Officer, Union Square Hospitality & Co-Founder & Co-Manging Partner, Enlightened Hospitality Investments

October 12

Hospitality With Shipping Containers
Watch: Robin Staten, CEO, Tiny Urban Escapes

October 7

Rainbows & Unicorns:  Bringing Back The Magic To The Hospitality Industry 
Watch:  Andrea DeRosa & Ashley Manhan, Owners & Principals Designers, Avenue Interior Design

October 5

Bracing for Winter:  Solutions for F&B Operators
Watch: Janine Beydoun, Restaurant Consultant, On The House Consulting

September 25

September 23

The Magic Behind Creating a Finely-Crafted, Luxury, Indie Hotel:  Insights from the Founder of Aurberge Resorts Collection 
Watch: Mark Harmon, Founder Auberge Resorts Collection

September 18

How the Furniture Company, The Everset, Has Changed the Game
Watch: Gavin Steinberg, Co-Founder & CEO, The Everset

September 16

September 11

Making the Most of Opportunities
Watch: David Bowd, Owner, Salt Hotels

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More 'Live & Unfiltered' Conversations Below!

July 29

July 27

COVID & High-End Seasonal Resort Markets
Watch: Jason Brown, Partner, Blue Flag Partners

July 20

How to Maintain Loyalty:  A Conversation with Alinio Azevedo about The Little Nell Hotel Group Guest Loyalty & Revenue Growth
Watch: Alinio Azevedo, Managing Director & COO, The Little Nell Hotel Group

July 17

Reimagining Luxury 
Watch: Shannon Knapp, President & CEO, The Leading Hotels of the World

July 15

Starting a Hotel Business:  Raising Capital, Raising Up a Community, & Raising the Bar
Watch: Marc Chodock, Managing Partner, Escape Hospitality

July 13

Unapologetically Eclectic Aesthetic & Independent Spirit
Watch: Avi Brosh, Founder, Palisociety

July 10

July 8

Making the Match:  A New Way for Brands to Find Best-In-Class Agencies
Watch: Amy Ogden, Founder, The Collective

July 2

Glamping & COVID-19
Watch: Peter Mack, Founder & CEO, Collective Hotel Retreats

June 24

Hospitality Tech:  Medicine for Operators, Gold for Investors
Watch: Jimmy Frischling, Managing Partner, Branded Hospitality Group

June 22

Property-Based Marketing:  Rebuilding & Coming Back Better
Watch: Andressa Chapman, Founder & President, Trigger Hotel Marketing

June 5

June 4

New Horizons:  Where Travel Goes Next
Watch: Paul Brady, Articles Editor, Travel + Leisure

June 3

Finding Silver Linings In Challenging Times
Watch: Carlton McCoy, President & CEO, Heitz Vineyards

June 1

College Towns & Universities As Magnets
Watch: David Rochefort, President, Graduate Hotels 

May 27

Locke Hotels:  How A Shift In Consumer Behavior Will Transform Travel
Watch: Eric Jafari, Creative Director & Co-Founder, Locke Hotels; Chief Development Officer, edyn

May 20

The New Wave Of Entrepreneurship & The Future Of Flexible office Spaces
Watch: Jennifer Maher, CEO, 1776

May 19

May 18

Maintaining Hospitality Through The Age Of Automation
Watch: Raj Singh, CEO, Ivy by Go Moment

*Special thanks to our Digital Events Presenting Sponsor, Ivy by Go Moment*

May 15

Collective Innovation:  Rethinking Space 
Watch the Panel

Panelists:                                                                        Jon Goss, Chief Brand Officer, Neuehouse    Markus Schreyer, SVP, The Americas & Business Innovation, Design Hotels                   Tony Cho, Founder, Metro 1; Co-Founder, Magic City Innovation District Little Haiti (R); Co-Founder, ChoZen Retreat & ChoZen Path

Moderator:                                                          Andrew Benioff, Founder & Chairman, The Independent Lodging Congress

May 14

Innovate Or Disappear:  The Future Of Hospitality
Watch the Panel

Panelists:                                                                            R.P. Eddy, CEO, Ergo                                                    Ryan Simonetti, CEO & Co-Founder, Convene                                                                                      Aliya Khan, VP, Design- Lifestyle Brands, Marriot International                                                    Matthew Goodrich, Founder & Principal, GOODRICH Design 

Moderator:                                                                                 Scott Williams, President, The Nantucket Project

May 12

Innovation, Opportunities, & Silver Linings
Watch: Greg Keffer, Partner, Rockwell Group

April 23

April 21

Market Check-in:  Philadelphia, PA
Watch:  Ellen Yin, Partner, High Street Hospitality                                                                 Watch:  Nicole Marquis, CEO, HipCityVeg

April 14

Market Check-in:  D.C.
Watch:  Martin Ditto, CEO, Ditto Residential                                                    Watch:  Matt Wexler, Managing Partner, Foxhall Partners

April 10

Industry Check-in & Strategy For Riding Out the Unknown 
Watch:  Jason Pomeranc, Founder & Owner, SIXTY Hotels

April 9

The Future of the Travel Industry
Watch:  Rafat Ali, CEO & Founder, Skift

March 25

Marketing In A Crisis:  What Should Independent Hotels Do?
Chekitan S. Dev, Hospitality Marketing & Branding Expert

March 20

Hospitality Development & Opportunity Zones
Stephen Chan, Principal & Co-Founder, Eagle Point Hotels & Partner, The Independent Lodging Congress 

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