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How Pandemics End

An infectious outbreak can conclude in more ways than one, historians say. But for whom does it end, and who gets to decide?

11 questions about the coronavirus we still can’t answer

Here’s what we don’t know about the coronavirus — and why it really matters.

People mostly staying home are still getting Covid-19—why, what to do about it

Gov. Andrew Cuomo cited a recent survey that found that two-thirds of New York's new Covid-19 hospitalizations were from people staying at home. "Much of this comes down to what you do to protect yourself," he said. Here, experts share the safety measures people should absolutely be following, and how to follow them correctly so that they work.

5 sailors aboard Roosevelt carrier retest positive for coronavirus a 2nd time

In an alarming development, five sailors aboard the Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier in Guam have retested positive for COVID-19 after quarantining for the disease, and have been removed from the embattled warship a second time, the Navy announced Friday.

The Risks / Know them / Avoid Them

Forest planting drones