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Things to know for this coming week:

Copper kills coronavirus. Why aren’t our surfaces covered in it?

Is this what we will be using in our hotels & restaurants from now on?

Know Yourself Better - 16 Personality Tests to Take During the Lockdown

What U.S. Hotel Recovery Could Look Like After COVID-19

Here’s a look at what the road to recovery post-COVID-19 might look like in the U.S. based on past recessions. How the recovery could look like from Jan Freitag:

  • Leisure: These will be the Roaring ’20s
  • Corporate transient: Only one question matters. What’s the risk?
  • Corporate group: If you host it, will they come?
  • Wildcards: The known unknowns: Two other possible influences on the recovery are worth pondering: new supply and a resurgent pandemic
  • In sum: This too shall pass: STR’s current U.S. revenue per available room forecast for 2020 stands at -50%, with a sharp rebound of +63% expected in 2021.