As we head directly into the New Year we reached out to our community and guidance committee to get insight on their 2019 Hospitality Predictions. An overwhelming number of folks touched on environmentally conscious initiatives, wellness and focusing more on the human touch.

JOE DIAZ - Co-Founder, AFAR Media

Gyms will begin converting into “movement studios” ala Ido Portal and Willspace. Bye bye clunky equipment. Hello, awesome trainers.

Glass in. Plastic out. Brita in. Bottles out.

Indies will band together to drive more compelling loyalty programs for its customers

There will be more of an emphasis on “the personal” while technology takes a back seat when it comes to guest interactions. (i.e. Don’t talk to me, robot.)


The appetite for independence versus sameness will continue to grow in every major influencer in the industry...the money, the major brands, the consumers and the employees.

BASHAR WALI - President, Provenance Hotels

RENAISSANCE NEIGHBORHOOD - Millennials are flocking to off-the-map neighborhoods for the cultural scene and street cred.

OUTDOOR RETREATS - Xennials experienced the transition to digital culture, social media and the highly connected world we have now. Which is why, they’re embracing camping in the outdoors as a hot pursuit. FOMO and the % minutes in the spotlight culture, Influencer culture, FOMO are making us travel more and more, but also accelerating the speed of trends in travel, not least when it comes to new destinations which are hot, then not, in a heartbeat.

WASTE NOT - “Zero waste travel” means strategic and sustainable packing, eating and even hotel-ing.


It is certain that independent hotels will take risks and set the trends for large franchise brands to follow.

Without a doubt there will be a new disrupter in the hospitality industry that launches something most of us have never considered.

Outlook is good for a rollercoaster market that keeps marketers on our toes for fear of a downturn.

Cannot predict now if hoteliers will be able to reap the reward of spending more time on the F&B side than they will see in returns.

Very doubtful that apps will replace people - yes, even for checking in.

ERIK WARNER - Principal, Eagle Point Hotel Partners

Community is KING - be a part of it.

No Plastic ever again.

SCOTT WILLIAMS - President, The Nantucket Project

The "human touch" will be more important than everything else we do. Everything.

The Oscars won't have a traditional host assignment.

5G will change everything.

ANDREW BENIOFF - Founder + Chairman, The Independent Lodging Congress

Hopefully no more phones in guest rooms. Different tech should be able to take care of that.